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When You Go Vinyl, You’ll Never Go Back

Fencing is a big deal when you have horses that you love or horses that have been rescued and need to be kept safe. The old barbed wire fences would often injure or cut the horse’s skin leaving scaring and allowing for possible infection. The best way to secure you horse today is to use vinyl horse fencing.

Horses and other animals have the reputation of chasing after the grass on the other side of the fence because they think it is greener. The animals also use the posts to rub up against to scratch that itch that they have. Another problem can be the animals on the outside of the fence wanting to come into the fenced area.

So sometimes the vinyl fence needs a little reinforcement or back up to keep the inside animals from doing damage and to keep the outside animals from coming inside the fence. There are options that can be placed on the vinyl horse fencing that will discourage all animals from contacting with the fence, coming in or trying to get out.

A vinyl fence can be made into an electric fence with snap-on insulators. There are a few companies that will assist you in making your vinylhorse fencing into an electric fence. Shop around for the right company to help you deal with the type of vinyl fence you have.

Vinyl horse fencing is durable and will last a life time. There is no weakening over time due to the elements. Vinyl fencing is a petroleum based product. This process is not cheap and is directly tied to the cost of fuel. While that may mean the vinyl horse fencing cost more now, in the long run it will be less expensive because it will never have to be replaced. It will last indefinitely if properly maintained.
You can purchase warranties with your vinyl fencing. Horses will break rails and the fence will need to be maintained over time. If you get a good company that stands behind their products, they will send you replacements parts free but you will have to pay shipping and handling charges. That is a good deal when it comes to your vinyl horse fencing needs. Be sure to find a consumer report that will give the best overall rating. It’s your money, why not spend it wisely on the products you need. Aren’t your horses worth it?