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Do you hate the constant maintenance and upkeep of that horse fence that you have around your pastures? What if I said that I could get you a fence that would not rot nor split and it could handle any environment you put it in? We have that fence for you, and we compete with the prices you are now paying for that old wooden fence that will take hours to mend throughout its life. Oh, and did I mention that the life of this fence is much greater than the life that the old wooden fence will ever have?

We have 15 years of experience and product research to prove that we have the best fence for you. Did you know that we can even help you set your horse fencing up with our consulting section on our website? We sell our fences with several warranties and back our product one hundred percent. We are in seven days a week for you inquiries and our prices are listed on the site. That means you can shop from the safety and security of your home. Give us your measurements and your plans for your pasture and we can get you the correct amount of fencing and reduce the waste of extra wood. Five acres of fencing could take days if not weeks to paint. Do you have that much free time to do that yearly like its recommended? I would guess not, especially with the fast pace life that we all live now days. Guess what no painting is necessary with a Vinyl fence.

We currently are offering Free Shipping to most states for orders over 600 feet of fencing. We back our product with our lifetime warranty. Who else on the web displays their prices on their web site? We do because we want you to be able to see up front what our prices are and be able to save time and not have to call or email a person that most likely does not know anything about fencing for a quote.

If it’s a two-rail, three-rail, or four-rail fence, we have your fence needs taken care of. We also do a sixty foot round pen for training. We at Pine Brooke Farms want you to have the joy of extra time and money with our fences. We know they work because we use them and we can help you with any need you may have. Let your neighbor paint for a week straight, take a break and remember that we make fences for you because you deserve a break.