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Questions About Pasture Fencing

Question: What is the best type of horse fence for a pasture?

Answer: Vinyl horse fences are the best type of fence for a pasture for several reasons. They are durable, strong, and reliable. With many other types of fencing material, maintenance can become exhausting. Vinyl horse fences are low maintenance, because they are less apt to fade, mildew, or mold. They are a safe way to fence in your pasture.

One of the most common types of horse fences are made out of wood. However, your horse can become injured if the logs or rails splinter when broken. Wire fencing can also be dangerous for your horses, because they can become entangled in the wire or seriously cut by the wire.

Question: Do I need to discuss my fencing plans with my neighbors?

Answer: You should give your neighbors the courtesy of discussing your fencing plans. Wouldn’t you want to know if someone was building a fence near your property? Your neighbor will probably have questions for you, such as what materials you’re going to use and how big the fence will be, so be ready to answer those questions. If you’re using vinyl material, you could ensure that your fence will look aesthetically pleasing with the current structures around the area.

Also, make sure that you only build the fence on your own property to avoid litigation and other expenses. Don’t go over the property line or you could find yourself with a big mess.

Question: What underground utilities should I be aware of before purchasing a horse fence?

Answer: You should know where all underground utilities are located on your property such as power lines, cable lines, pipes, sewer lines, and septic lines. You should consult a professional if you’re not familiar with your underground utilities.

Question: Many horse fences don’t match the color of my house or barn and appear out place. How can I find a horse fence that will look nice with my current structures?

Answer: This is a concern of many people that are looking to buy a horse fence. If you purchase a vinyl fence, you will have a wide selection of colors and styles. Make sure that you consider the other structures and plan your horse fence accordingly. You may not have that option if you buy a horse fence made of other materials, or you might have to paint the fence yourself. Give yourself options by purchasing a vinyl fence.