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Ideal Pasture Fencing

If you’re a horse lover, then you know all too well the importance of caring for your horses. One of the most primary factors in determining how well you care for your horses will be in the investment you make to protect them.

When you first invested in your horses, chances are you put some thought into the care requirements and the monetary responsibility you would undergo as a horse owner. As such, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that caring for horses requires a few major investments. The major investments to which we refer include shelter, food, land, and the all-important pasture fence.

Pasture fencing is one of the most expensive and important purchases you will make as a horse owner. However, it’s important to note that not all pasture fencing is created equally. In fact, some of the more common pasture fencing choices are considered rather inferior.

The more common pasture fencing choices include barbed wire, standard wooden picket, and occasionally the electric fence. While each of these fencing materials serves a purpose in its own right, none of them can be considered ideal because of their negative effects.

Barbed wire fencing can be dangerous for your horses. Horses frequently cut themselves or pull out chunks of their mane on barbed wire fencing. Unfortunately, barbed wire continues to be one of the more popular choices for fencing material.

Standard wooden picket fencing requires continual upkeep. It’s often found that standard wooden pickets warp more and become weakened in a relatively short period of time. This means that horse owners are continually spending money repairing and correcting the damage to their wooden horse fence.

And finally, the electric fence brings with it its own set of negatives. While the initial shock an animal would receive from an electric fence is relatively mild, any additional electrical shock can create nerve problems and other health problems that veterinarians and doctors know very little about.

Which brings us to the ideal horse fencing material. The ideal horse fence material is by far vinyl fencing. Not only is vinyl more aesthetically pleasing and safe for the animal, it can also save the horse owner a substantial sum of money in the long run.

Because vinyl horse fencing requires very little upkeep and more durable and stronger than the other standard fencing material, it is considered an ideal investment in terms of pasture fencing.