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Horse Fencing Consideration

When considering fencing for horses, you want to make sure you are providing a safe enclosure. There are many types of fencing available, but not all of them will be safe for your horse. Vinyl horse fencing is both safe and attractive.

Wire fencing can do the job of keeping your horse inside of the boundaries, but more horse owners are reporting fencing injuries because of wire fencing. Horses can become entangled in fencing by catching their hooves and even their heads when trying to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Wire fencing has resulted in both serious injuries and even death.

Vinyl horse fencing has become popular in last few years, with horse owners. It is very durable and looks very nice on your property. Vinyl is also a safer choice for your horse, as there are no wires for them to become entangled in. There are many choices when it comes to choosing a vinyl horse fence.

A basic vinyl horse fence can include a basic post and a two-rail design, these are the most popular. Most owners find that this works well for keeping their horses in the boundaries and safe from harm. Horses can be harmed if they get out of their boundaries. There is a lot danger to horse that wonders off, like being hit by a car, or getting lost in the woods, or some other unfamiliar territory.

For added protection, you may choose to have an electrical fence wire, installed on your vinyl horse fence. You can have this installed when the fence is first placed on your property. Some owners place the electric fence wire in the middle of the vinyl fence, to keep the horse from sticking their head between the fence railings. Some owners find that placing the wire on the top of the vinyl is more beneficial, because it prevents the horse from jumping over the fence.

Your horse’s safety is number priority when deciding on the type of fencing to use. Be sure to check around with different fencing companies and make sure that you use a reputable fencing company. You can also check with Consumer Reports to get information on the different types of horse fencing. When you decided what type of fencing to use and find a great company to install the fence, you and your horse will be happy.