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  • 3Rail 7.5' post New Prices for 2021 (includes shipping).......168' to 400' $9.94 per ft........... 401' to 1504 ' $9.54 per ft............ 1505' to 3456' $9.22 per ft......... 3457' to 7400' $9.00 per ft. .....

    4Rail  8' post system:(includes shipping)

    1'  to 400' $12.31

    401' to 1504' $12.08

    1505' to 4032' $11.82 

    all other footage will be quoted







    Heavy Duty 2x6 Rails will be quoted on large orders only


    Tan is 15% more than white and Khaki is 25% more than white)

    Cross Buck System is same cost as 4 rail system

  • Vinyl Horse Fence Ordering Procedure

    When you are ready to order, contact us by email or by phone 800-838-3092 with the following information:

    • the total footage
    • any gates
    • number of end posts
    • number of corner posts
    • 3-way posts

    We will put this information on an invoice and either fax or email back to you. Send copy of signed invoice (fax or email.) Order will be placed when the signed faxed or emailed invoice is received. While the order is being made, send a check and copy of the invoice in mail.

    Order will be shipped out between 2 - 3 weeks depending upon the day your order is made and where you are located. Check needs to be received before order is shipped.

    Credit cards are accepted for an additional cost of 2.9% added to total as this what the credit card companies charge us.

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